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Apr. 22nd, 2008

Netflix!! "Three strikes and your out"

I am getting more and more frustrated with the service I once loved, now they are considering raising my rates because I want BluRay. UUGGGAAHHHH! First they throttle my account when they think I am renting to many movies a month. Then they decide that I can not participate in there online viewing of titles because I use a Apple computer and now this. This only makes me wish that Blockbuster Video could get there act together to keep Netflix honest.


Must have App for the Mac! "Jumpcut"

I found this little copy and past manager a few weeks back and I could not imagine ever being without it. This is a totally free download. It works as follows. Whenever you copy anything that copy is stored in a drop down clipboard and when you want to past just put your cursor where you want the text and all you have to do is then click on the clip. The beauty of this is that the program lets you keep as many clips as you like stored in the clipboard, only clearing them if you tell it to. If you find yourself copying and pasting allot this will change your life. As far as I can tell it is Mac only.


Free knowledge for all, almost.

In a forward thinking move Encyclopedia Britannica is offering free access to there entire online catalogue. The only catch is the you must be an online Blogger. E.B. does state that they go over each request before approving one's free membership but the approval rate is very high. Check it out for yourself. Knowledge is priceless and the more the better. You really can't go wrong with this one.


Apr. 21st, 2008

"Iron Man" is solid

Early reviews for Marvel Comics new upcoming film look great. I was never really an Iron Man fan but the trailer blew me away. This is Marvel's first go-around producing there own movie and from the early reviews it looks like they might have hit a big time home run. Check out some of the early reviews but beware, some are full of spoilers!!!


Apr. 3rd, 2008

Cell phone companies beware!!!!!!

All you need is this little bugger, an EVDO card and a skype handset and account and you can kiss your cell phone provider goodbye. You will probable need a backpack or fanny pack to carry all this equipment around but I think this is a glimpse of what is to come. Right now this setup is not for everyone but it is a completely plausibly way of giving you cell provider the finger. You can even use this system as a mobile, wireless solution that makes high speed surfing available on your iPod touch as well. I cant wait to see where we go from here. Its a little pricy at the moment but prices are sure to drop as people adopt the product. Check it out at cradlepoint.com

Mar. 22nd, 2008

The Snake has been unleashed.

New Pictures from the upcomming G.I.Joe movie are circulating the net. Here is the first look at everyones favorite silent hero, "Snake Eyes"

Everything is in the Air.

I just got my hands on this little beauty and I am just loving it. The worst part about owning this is having to pry it out of my wife's hands. Setting up the shared disk feature was really a breeze but it does transfer data a little slow. This is not for a Power user but it is Ideal for someone that needs ultra-portability. If your main needs are word processing and internet, you cant go wrong with the Air as long as you have some serious cash burning a hole in your pocket.